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BallisticsARC Calculator App & Weather Station!

Precision shooting requires precise ballistic data that corrects not only for distance but also for wind and other atmospheric influences on the bullet path.

Android App Review - Weather Underground

Android App Review - Weather Underground.

Netatmo - Urban Weather Station, for iPhone & Android (2013)

NETATMO URBAN WEATHER STATION The first Personal Weather Station with Air Quality sensors for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices.

Archos Weather Station - track your home with your phone and some sensors [Review]

Full review at The Archos Weather Station comes in an attractive package, containing all the bits you need to monitor your ...

A Look at the Netatmo Weather Station App-Gadget Lab-WIRED

Sorry Apple, sometimes your standard iPhone weather app just doesn't cut it. Aside from the expected temperature and humidity metrics, Netatmo's Weather ...

Weather Underground Android Review!

Android has a few different weather apps that are good but Weather Underground has proven for me to be the best. Currently its my go to weather app and here ...

Skywatch windoo 3 smart phone weather station The Skywatch Windoo Windmeter is the first App-compatible plug-in unit by ...

Weather Master - Android App

Netatmo Weather: Smart weather station made easy

I loved my old Oregon Scientific weather station. It just worked. But it was dumb. That is — it didn't connect to anything. (And let's face it, old LCD screens are old.)

Weather station + app review

Hey guys what's up Sky-tek here and today we have yet another app review for you called Weather Station +. Now this app you will have to understand is very ...

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